While the idea of an engineering firm that fosters ingenuity through collaboration is increasingly rare, it is not new – it is in fact the essence of the term Consulting Engineer. This unifying principle gave rise to the Konsolidated brand, and remains at the core of our firm’s premium-value service.

After numerous years building a prolific portfolio with a national structural engineering firm, Peter Kula seized the opportunity to fulfill an enduring aspiration and created Kula Structural Engineering. In early 2011 the firm gave rise to a new partnership with colleague and former protégé Julius Lenart; Konsolidated Structural was formed, embodying fundamental principles of fellowship, trust, and transparency.

Our mandate is simple: to create enduring value for our clients by maximizing project benefits downstream for the end users. Our ability to recognize opportunities enables our clients to capitalize on highly effective solutions that often go unrealized due to mismanaged expectations and misunderstood cost-benefit implications. Our firm’s boutique service aims to balance project criteria with client expectations while seamlessly integrating the structural concept throughout design and delivery.